Werewolf, Medusa or Sales Forge Not Working After Install


(If you have already installed the software, please uninstall it and once you have done that go into the Werewolf install folder and delete anything that may be left behind)

The default install directory for Werewolf and all other Mad Labs Products is C:/Mad Labs Research. Before you download and install your copy of Werewolf, be sure that you have created an Exclusion or Exception in all Anti-Virus and security software that you have installed on your machine for the folder C:/Mad Labs Research and all files and folders inside that folder. Your anti-virus and security software may flag all or parts of your Werewolf software as a "possible threat" and could move some of the exe files into the "vault" which will cause problems with the software to run properly and if you are experiencing any issues with the software, your anti-virus and/or security software is likely the reason.

Here are some helpful links to do this:





Trend Micro:


Another hint would be to temporarily shut off your anti-virus software when you download and install including the steps above. Once everything is completed you can just restart your computer and let your virus software start up again.

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